Dear Emma,

You can’t steal second and still keep your foot on first base.

Love, Dad

Episode 2: Garth Callaghan

When do ordinary things become legacies? Perhaps when a person’s time becomes limited?

Garth Callaghan of Virginia crafted lunches and messages every day for his daughter, Emma, since she was a small child. Garth has been diagnosed with cancer four times and is uncertain of the limited days he has left to live. Understanding the reality that one day his life might end too soon, he spent hours upon hours creating 826 napkin notes to Emma to insure she would have a message from him with her lunch until the day she graduated high school.

A serious illness can open your eyes to what matters most in life―a connection with those you love and leaving your personal legacy, a positive part of you, behind. Garth’s story will inspire you to make every moment count and never forget how fragile life can be.

Garth should inspire us all to write a napkin note or a letter to someone we love each day. What will be your ordinary act of love that becomes your legacy?