Coming together is a beginning

Keeping together is  progress

Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

Ideas Inspire Results. Implementation Gets Results.


Kimberly C. Paul began her career in hospice care as a volunteer program manager in 1999. Within two years she was promoted to vice president of communications and outreach for her local hospice organization.

Overseeing all external communications with physicians, internal staff and the local communities, her creative marketing strategies and educational endeavors resulted in growing the hospice census from serving 60 patients per day to over 600 per day in the Southeastern North Carolina, elevating her organization to the second largest non-profit in the state.

As part of the senior leadership team, Kimberly helped facilitate territory expansions to include the building of three hospice care centers, a name change, and overall rebranding. She also directed marketing plans for each of the seven counties within the hospice service area.

Understanding the importance of building a strong marketing brand while still investing in and inspiring a creative and healthy environment for the internal staff, Kimberly led by example. Her professional and personal goal was to offer the internal staff as much care and quality of service as was provided to the hospice patients being served

Death can become very heavy at times for those working in the hospice profession. Hospice employees and volunteers deal with loss on a daily basis. They need support and inspiration as they positively market end of life messages to individuals, families and communities at large.

Gaining knowledge from Disney and Pixar to tell creative stories and capture real emotions, Kimberly found an imaginative way to brand the hospice “product” and engage a community into action.   At the same time, she found a way to propose an uplifting spin on how her staff could promote the brand as they dealt with end of life experiences multiple times a day.

Kimberly’s team conducts brain-trust meetings that create workshops that are fined-tuned for each agency’s need. Her team can assist a vast array of agencies to develop their own unique strategy. One powerful message CAN empower employees, community members and individuals to create strategies and ideas that lead to results.

Through design thinking and creative strategies anyone can be become an ambassador of empowerment in the work force, your community or as an individual.

Inspirational Presentations

Putting Employees First could change everything… for the better.

On the eve of the 21st century, how internal communications will play a key role in the end of life industry.

How Hospice became a business, and what it will take to bring it back to patient centered care.

Creating an Innovative Marketing Messages

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 Marketing Workshop

Creating a Marketing Message for internal and external delivery

Overseeing Internal communications, creating a plan and steps to implementation

Creating Internal ambassadors for external success.

Advance Care Planning, How to talk with Chronic and Seriously Ill Patients


Audiences include:

  • University and College Campuses
  • Interfaith Groups and Faith Communities
  • Educators
  • High Schools
  • Corporations
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
  • Hospital & Healthcare Providers