Since my Ted X Talk in March 2016 and nearly 20 years working in hospice, I learned more from people facing end of life than I ever thought I would. For most, dying wasn’t about the end. It was about living well, making the most of every moment we have, and connection with those we love. Yet, I also learned through friends and family that people know very little about preparing for the end. You don’t know what you don’t know until sometimes it is too late. That’s why I am writing this book, Death by Design. We spend a lot of time planning for things in our lives. I think death and dying deserve the same attention. If we give it the same attention we could design a death that represents our life and our values. Death is a final destination, but if we prepare I believe it can also be an experience that celebrates a life well lived. In “Death by Design,” I want to help teach individuals how to unlearn what they think they know about death and dying so they can learn about the reality, make decisions, communicate and plan.