“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

John Ford

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Let’s Talk About It

.As a lifelong storyteller, Kimberly C. Paul has found her calling in becoming a professional speaker on the subject of death and dying. Her passion for educating people about end of life choices resonates through her experiences as an author, blogger, and television and radio commercial producer. Working on the sets of Saturday Night Live and CBS daytime dramas in the early years of her career, she found her passion for engaging audiences.

Working with Hospice for nearly 20 years, speaking about death and dying was a natural transition for her. Kimberly has wowed audiences with her Ted X Talk, “Who’s That?” by challenging people to stop ignoring the big elephant in the room known inevitably as death and actually talk about it.

Presenting symposiums about hospice and end-of-life planning at a national, state, regional and local level, Kimberly addresses many topics on the subject of death and dying. Her topics include pre-planning, how to discuss end-of-life wishes with loved ones, and what alternative options are available to those stricken with a potentially life-ending illness.

Each Thursday, Death by Design offers a new podcast featuring guests who are recognized professionals in the hospice/palliative care field, artists, photographers, or just regular people sharing their experiences with the death and dying process. Kimberly shares a bit of each guest in her talks.

Kimberly C. Paul’s speaking engagements CHALLENGE, INSPIRE, EDUCATE and REITERATE.

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Empower Your Community

Kimberly believes an educated community can change the world.

Kimberly stands strong on her belief that community members will radically change how we will one day face end of life. As we live each day through the 21st century, each one of us can a have a role in changing how we die. By applying a theory similar to that of the baby boomers’ demands during the birthing movement of the 1960s, our communities can and will change our healthcare at the end of life.

 Community Presentation Topics

End-Of-Life Workshops

Kimberly’s creative team conducts brain-trust meetings that create workshops that are fined-tuned for each agency’s need. Her team can assist a vast array of agencies to develop their own unique strategy. One powerful message CAN empower employees, community members and individuals to create strategies and ideas that lead to results.

Through design thinking and creative strategies anyone can be become an ambassador of empowerment in the work force, your community or as an individual.

Ideas Inspire Results. Implementation Gets Results.

 Internal Presentation & Workshops


In style and content, Kimberly Paul takes a fresh tack, eschewing the acceptable in favor of honest appraisals and acknowledging missteps as a route to practical knowledge.

Her unmistakable passion is wrapped in relevancy, and she offers guidance with that rare ability to discern connections amid various disciplines and interests.

She’s a grand, in-the-moment personality, quick to share, pointing out absurdities, encouraging discussion, soliciting feedback, and eager to find common ground.

The worthy upshot of her seminars? You come away not only with a clarity of perspective but, even more satisfying, a clutch of provocative nuggets to inspire and propel your own work. Kelly Sigmon

Director of Communications, Catawba Regional Hospice

The Death By Design Marketing workshop is a must for anyone in the hospice and palliative care marketing arena. Kimberly is a highly engaging presenter. She brings a refreshing and empowering point of view to the often-taboo subject of death. I am walking away from this two-day conference with many affordable and exciting new marketing ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. This educational opportunity is worth the investment for any member of your team that is in a direct marketing role.

  Jan Knox, MA

Director of Community Relations, Hospice of Davidson County

Kimberly facilitated a thought-provoking workshop for our leadership team, prompting us to re-think how we craft language to lead and engage our staff. Kimberly’s key messaging points and overhead presentations were relevant, insightful, fun and inspiring! I especially appreciated the way in which she integrated prior experiences into the conversation for added context. Laura Owen

CEO, Hospice of Davidson County

Kimberly truly knows hospice and palliative care, and she gets the audience engaged. Truly one of the best speakers I have seen in my 21 plus years of end-of-life care. I always walk away with new knowledge. Shelia Jones

Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Mountain Valley Hospice & Palliative Care

As a speaker, Kimberly is the captivating combination of cutting edge content, imaginative presentation style, and animated and empowering delivery. Marsha Van Hecke

Manager, Communications & Marketing, The Carolina Center