“Maybe grief is hard in America because individuals believe grief needs to be private.”

Uma Girish


Episode 30: Uma Girish – Grief Guide & Author

Uma Girish’s life dramatically changed in January 2009. Only eight months after arriving from India to the United States, Uma lost her mother to breast cancer. Within 18 months, her father was gone as well. Consumed with grief over the loss of both parents, she was in deep anguish.

She began to ask herself big life questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What are we meant to do with this life? To find answers, Uma’s personal quest began.

Today, her professional work and life are a response to those same questions we all ask ourselves. Serving as a grief guide and certified dream coach, she directs people to discover their passions and find their life purpose.

In her compelling memoir, Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir about Love, Loss and Life’s Detours, Uma shares her story of spiritual transformation. She is also the author of Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving, a book addressing the top 10 questions people struggle with when experiencing grief.

Uma also writes a blog entitled “The Grammar of Grief” and hosts a radio show by the same name. She is committed to helping women transform the pain of loss into a purpose to live a life of meaning and joy.

In 2014, she partnered with American colleague, Lo Anne Mayer, and Canadian-Israeli associate, Daniela Norris, to found the International Grief Council to empower and educate those in grief. All three women are available for panel discussions, workshops and presentations.

Visit UmaGirish.com and InternationalGriefCouncil.org for more information.