“Every Night I Cut Out My Heart.  But In The Morning It Was Full Again.”

– Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

Season 2 Episode 46 – Lynne & Kieth Apple – Remembering Apple 18 Years Later


It is amazing how many people now know APPLE.  When I was starting to plan my Tour, Live Well Die Well, I knew I desired it to be special and with special people that understood my true motivation. I found myself traveling to Lebanon,  Ohio to meet with APPLE’s parents, to reconnect, and to celebrate a new chapter as we introduce their son, Rob, to the world.

Throughout the month of September, I found myself with Lynne and Kieth Apple, crying and laughing.  We found ourselves
deeply connected and coming to terms that our relationship would only evolve as individuals on the tour learned about  APPLE and his life.  On one of the last days in Lebanon, we sat down and recorded this year’s season 2 finale on Death by
Design Podcast.  

You never really know the true impact one person will have on your life.  I cherish the impact Rob left me… he left me a very rich relationship with his loving parents. The mysteries of life… and … the unexpected gifts that heal the soul.  

Today you will meet Apple’s parents.  And I know you love them just as much as I do.


                         Me and Lynne Apple (Rob’s Mom) at the Launch of the Live Well Die Well Tour.