I’m not a doctor or lawyer, I’m just someone who has lived through loss and I want to help alleviate some of the uncertainty that arrives in the aftermath of death. – Amy Pickard

Season 2 Episode 37 – Amy Pickard – Good To Go


Amy Pickard’s mother died unexpectedly in late 2012 and left behind no paperwork that might help her take care of the hundreds of details that were left to her the day she died. On Sunday, Amy’s mother was here and on Monday she was not. In the midst of shock and grief, Amy was forced not only to deal with the intensity of her DNA leaving the planet, but she had to become a detective and administrator in order to eliminate her mother’s ‘paper presence’ on Earth. What bills needed paying? Did her mother have online accounts and what were the passwords? What happens to the bank account? What did she want me to do with her personal belongings? Her laptop? Her photos?

When Amy realized that there wasn’t an instruction manual on how to get through it all, She decided to write one!

Her exclusive Good To Go! paperwork eliminates stress, guilt and doubt, and provides those you leave behind with the certainty of knowing they are carrying out your wishes. Amy personalized Good To Go! Death Directive will assure that everything will be just as you would like it.

Your personal priorities, made clear today, will guide your family and loved ones on how they should take care of everything when the time comes.