Through Ending Well, Michelle provides individuals and families with advice and guidance about how to plan for the end of life, care for a loved one, deal with a negative prognosis, plan an alternative funeral, and much more. She works with clients throughout Montpelier and Central Vermont, but she can also make arrangements to work with you online.



Season 2 Episode 27: Michelle Acciavatti, End of Life Specialist

Michelle Acciavatti is an End-of-Life Specialist. What is that? It is a new emerging field outside the medical model and is reclaiming the dying progress as a human experience.

Following her curiosity and a calling to serve individuals at end of life, Michelle meets patients and families where they are and hopes to shine a light on a very “taboo” subject; Death. She provides value-based advance care planning, assistance with patient literacy and advocacy, she provides non-medical support, including experienced or expecting pregnancy loss, and is opening new ways to think about burials, by thinking GREEN.

Her supporting presence is molded into what patients and families need. She has become a bridge for her clients by providing and connecting them to community resources, by giving them permission to ask the hard questions, validating the uncertainty of the dying process and being a comforting presence.

Michelle has become a student of life by allowing dying individuals to teach her about what matters most. Her motto is, “Life Matters. Talk About Death”