“What is beautiful about individuals who are death aware is there’s an immediate connection.”

Jon Wadsworth

Episode 29: John Wadsworth – The Art of Dying Magazine

To John Wadsworth, death is a loving reminder that we are more than what we appear to be. We are a loving agent of life enhancing liberation from humancentric mesmerism. For most of his embodied life, John has explored and experienced death through meditation, sacred sexuality, and conscious sleep.

For the last 5 years, John has nurtured the website, deathknells.com, posting over 1,500 quotes from hundreds of sources that celebrate death as a self-revelatory process. In November 2016, John published the first volume of Art of Dying Magazine, a publication dedicated to inspiring the appreciation of death as a life expanding, creative collaboration rather than a life ending, passive compliance.

John not only serves as founding editor and creative director of Art of Dying Magazine, but is a photographer and videographer as well. Based in Norfolk, VA, he has had a lifelong interest in death and dying.