“Caring For the Dying – The Death Doula Approach to a Meaningful Death.”

Henry Fersko-Weiss

Episode 9: Henry Fersko-Weiss – Death Doulas

Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW, created the very first End-of-Life Doula Program in the United States with a focus on planning for the last days, conducting vigil, and reprocessing the dying experience with loved ones. Since he created that first program in 2003 at a hospice in NYC, he has built and managed many other programs based on his model at hospices in New Jersey. Henry is widely considered a pioneer in the End of Life care industry.

In 2006 Henry’s work was featured in an extensive front-page article in the New York Times, bringing national recognition to his end of life doula concept. Since 2007 he has taught the end of life Doula principles and techniques publicly at the Open Center in New York Center and, as of 2013, at the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada. Henry has directly guided and supported over 150 people and their loved ones through the dying process. He has trained many hundreds of people in the end of life doula approach.

Henry is a well-respected and sought-after speaker on death and dying, presenting at conferences, hospices, and webinars nationwide. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York and New Jersey, he has managed social services at a number of hospices and worked with patients and families privately. In 2010, Henry received the New Jersey Social Services Manager of the Year Award. Henry can be reached at henry@inelda.org