“My mom was my biggest fan.”

Jed Smith

Episode 8: Jed Smith – A Personal Story


Life is full of irony and happenstance. It’s funny how people can randomly wander into your life and become lifelong friends. I met Jed Smith in the Italian countryside of Umbria while attending a wedding of some dear friends a few years ago.

The night before the wedding I found myself sitting next to Jed at a dinner table at the best Italian pizza joint in all of Umbria. We sparked up some average small talk between strangers and this is how our conversation transpired …

“So, what do you do?” he asked.

“I work for hospice,” I replied.

“My mother had hospice!” Jed exclaimed.

And we hit if off from there.
Today we learn the intimate details of the life and death of Libby Smith-Cox from her biggest fan … her son, Jed Smith.