“Brittany was a great person to be around – attentive, energetic, outgoing.”

-Dan Diaz (Brittany’s husband)

Episode 44: Dan Diaz, The Brittany Maynard Story

Dan Diaz and Brittany Maynard fell in love. They married, honeymooned, and began a storybook romance. Their plans to share their life together were cut short in April 2013 when Brittany began having issues with extreme headaches. Originally told she was experiencing migraines, Brittany finally underwent a series of tests in January 2014 only to discover she had a large brain tumor.

The couple immediately went into research mode, reading scholarly articles about glioblastoma, exploring all the medical options available and searching for a miracle. They found neither.

Through their research, they came across articles relating to “Death with Dignity.” Left with no options, Dan and Brittany left their home in California and relocated to Oregon where the Death with Dignity Act had been passed into law. On November 1, 2014, Brittany chose to prevent prolonged suffering and decreased quality of life by legally administering herself a life-ending drug.

Dan Diaz promised Brittany he would fight to bring “Death with Dignity” to their home state of California. He accomplished that goal in June 2015, less than a year after losing his wife. Although Dan is a reluctant activist, he is a volunteer with Compassion and Choices and continues to advocate for those looking for end-of-life options and aid in dying when facing a degenerative illness or disease.