“It’s okay to laugh through death.”

Tammy Beilstein & Sarah Lunford

Episode 33: Let’s Talk About Death

Reared amongst generations of funeral directors and embalmers, Tammy Beilstein accepts the fact that she was raised around death. Her background put her at ease with death and everything surrounding it, explaining why she was drawn to work with her local hospice care facility. Earmarked as a career caregiver to help those in need, Tammy considers herself a “connector.” She is dedicated to connecting people through the process of death and has found her calling.

Sarah Lunsford, on the other hand, is a freelance journalist who loves to write. After 18 years of storytelling she has written enough articles, if all printed out, to place in her coffin without much room left for her. Covering a wide variety of topics to include everything from government issues to travel, Sarah has found that no matter the surface of the content, each article leads to being about people and the human experience. She is, in her own right, a connector—a connector of words.

The question is, “How did Tammy, known as ‘Death Girl,’ and Sarah, the avid journalist, end up coming together to produce a video blog about death?”

Simply put … through a book.

Sarah, the writer, was approached to write a book about dying at home with the stipulation that she find a co-author who had experience in the death arena. She didn’t have to look far. Sarah and “Death Girl” Tammy had been friends for years, and they both shared a desire to help others connect.

Both having television hosting experience, Tammy and Sarah decided to start a video blog to help normalize conversations about death and dying. “Let’s Talk About Death” (www.letstalkaboutdeath.xyz) is focused on death and dying and how to become comfortable talking about it. Together they are connecting the human experience and the process of death through both of their expertise.