“The Dying Teaches Me About Life.”

Ben Lee

Episode 25: Ben Lee, Musician and End-Of-Life Doula

Ben Lee isn’t your average chart topper musician. Born in Sydney, Australia, Ben was catching the eye of major recording artists at the age of 14. With hits such as “Catch my Disease,” featured on “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Scrubs,” he found fame and validation for his musical talent.

As he grew older, he began searching for something more. When he and his wife started an essential oils business, they wanted to help others learn how their oils could improve health. Desiring to inspire others to move toward self-awakening and to find inner courage, Ben found a true spiritual connection with those facing end of life and became a death doula.

Today we learn how an internationally renowned musician became interested in death and dying and how he is changing end of life for many of his clients utilizing essential oil therapy.