“If I can only be with you in my dreams, then I want to sleep forever.”


Episode 22: Lorraine Perry – Dealing with Grief and Children

Adults are not the only ones who grieve the loss of a loved one. Children experience grief in numerous ways. Many times, they are lost in the quagmire of the emotions and actions they see displayed by adults during their own time of grief. Taking the time to communicate with children about death and to recognize how they are dealing with their own feelings of loss is of upmost importance.

Lorraine Perry, of Wilmington, NC, has experienced loss first-hand. Working with the third largest hospice in North Carolina, she has helped create an award-winning program that is introducing the arts into the grieving process through music, visual arts along with other creative experiences.

The healing arts program has enhanced the end of life experience for many hospice patients in southeastern North Carolina. Lorraine and her co-workers are now using the arts, writing, talk therapy and pet companionship to assist not only adults but children with their grief. Throughout the year, they work one-on-one with children through school programs and summer weekly camps to help them personally cope with loss at a young age to help prevent grief from becoming an on-going issue into adulthood.