“If this book does land in the hands of those in the midst of a tragedy, I can tell you this: It will never leave you.  And I think in the complex way of truth, that that is the most comforting thing.”

Robin Romm, Author of The Mercy Papers

Episode 20 – Robin Romm – The Mercy Papers

“The Mercy Papers,” moved me to the core. The raw truth of learning about your mother’s diagnosis, watching her struggle for years to live with a serious illness, and experiencing the death of one of the most important people in your life at a young age seems too much for anyone to digest.


Robin Romm’s book haunted me, brought me to tears yet still inspired me. Robin and her mother’s words reiterate why I was moved so eloquently. Here is an excerpt from “The Mercy Papers.”

“One day, while combing through this memoir, I hit a wall of despair. I turned to my mother’s journals, to this entry:

 There came a moment in this journey when I freely realized that the lives most of us lead are small. Important, but small. Our radius reaches family, clients, friends for whom we do selfless and amazing feats. But our sphere of influence is local … so our illnesses/deaths are small, too. Not unimportant. Just local in nature …

This is the moment I knew I would go forward with this book. Because my mother never imagined her death would touch anyone but those nearest to her. And I think, though she was vain and would have disliked being portrayed as sick, she would have wanted her journey to be something others could use. Perhaps her death is small, merely one death during a chaotic and violent time ― but it is also large, with many arms, and changed the course of the world.”