“I want hospice care just like my mother.”

Brenda McDonald

Episode 19: Brenda McDonald

One day the majority of us will become caregivers. Not just to our children, but also to our parents. How do we as children assume the role of caring for our aging parents as they cared for us as infants? It’s a struggle to watch someone you’ve known your whole life begin to show signs of aging and need assistance.

In previous eras, we’ve lived down the street from our parents. In today’s world many of us live hundreds or thousands of miles away from them. Providing the best care for our aging parents sometimes means relocating them, tearing them away from their friends and familiar surroundings.

Today we talk to one of my dearest long time friend, Brenda McDonald, about the struggles―and the triumphs―of becoming the primary caregiver to one’s own parents in their final days.