“It was a gift to know what my mother wanted at her end of life, to support her wishes and be with her.”

Deborah Kaeser

Episode 18: Deborah Kaeser

Everyone has a story, but only when asked the right questions can someone share it. As I was attending a progressive holiday party in my neighborhood in Wilmington NC, one of my neighbors asked me what I did for a living. I replied that I had just left hospice and was thirty days from launching my podcast about death and dying.

“Oh, my mother was very involved with the death with dignity movement in Oregon,” Deborah stated.

Deborah’s mother, Linda, was a pioneer with the movement in multiple ways. She was the first woman to pursue her gerontologist degree and promote choices at end of life. Deborah’s mother also assisted with writing the legislation to establish death with dignity as a law in Oregon.

Today, we tell Linda’s story through her daughter’s eyes.