“One of the greatest gifts you can give those you love is the gift of information.”

Barbara Bates Sedoric

Wednesday- National Health Care Decisions Week: Barbara Bates Sedoric – LastingMatters

Everyone has a personal story about what calls them into action when they come to the crossroads of life and death. As a former estates and trust paralegal, Barbara Bates Sedoric was always one to be prepared and ready for anything and everything … until the day she wasn’t.

The unexpected death of Barbara’s mother shoved her and her family into a chaotic world that left little room for grief. The whirlwind of spending countless hours searching for legal documents, making hurried phone calls to friends and relatives, and setting meetings with funeral directors, clergy, florists and attorneys left their heads spinning.

Knowing there had to be a better way to approach and prepare for the sudden loss of a loved one, Barbara created the LastingMatters organizer to help families prepare for the unknown prior to death. One of the greatest gifts you can give those you love is the gift of information. By encouraging your friends and family to have conversations and leave information behind is a gift to you and other loved ones.