“We all are going to die.  We can plan for that.”

Dr. Jack McBride, UNC-Chapel School of Medicine

Episode 14: Dr. Jack McBride

According to Dr. Jack McBride, there are two vital elements to consider when choosing a directive plan to outline personal end of life choices. The first element is to initiate a conversation with loved ones to discuss how you would prefer to live out your final days. The second element is to prepare legal documentation outlining those choices if you are not able to speak on your own behalf.

Dr. McBride is a geriatric specialist practicing in Chapel Hill, NC. With over 34 years of experience in geriatric medicine, he is well-versed on the complexities that arise each day as a result of ill-planned or non-existent preparations to outline one’s personal end of life choices. In his field of medicine, Dr. McBride oversees many patients who have no legal documentation on how they wish to die. He does his best to support the family members through the process of making difficult decisions on behalf of the patient almost every day.

Unfortunately, many of us delay filling out these forms and never begin end of life conversations with family until a healthcare crisis occurs. Dr. McBride wants to change that.

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