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Friday – National Health Care Decisions Week: Jon & Michelle Braddock, My Life My Wishes

My Life and Wishes

Jon and Michelle Braddock spent 36 years working in the insurance business helping large employers assist their employees with their coverage options. Then something personal occurred in their lives and everything changed.

Michelle lost her father unexpectedly, leaving them not only in shock and in grief at his sudden passing, but also with many unanswered questions. It took Michelle and her family nearly 10 months to dig through boxes and files while making exhaustive phone calls to locate all of her father’s bank accounts, insurance policies, safe deposits, retirement and pension plans, online accounts and more to make heads or tails of his finances.

Jon knew there had to be a better way. A way to organize one’s finances in life so those who had to deal with the aftermath of loss were not lost themselves, yet there was nothing out there.

So together, inspired by Michelle’s personal story and Jon’s innovative business sense, they created MyLifeandWishes.com.