“I traded my tiara for wings and a pickup truck”

Ginny Mckinney

Episode 11: Ginny McKinney – Marshmallow Ranch

In March 2013, Ginny McKinney and her husband decided life was too short to wait for retirement to have some fun. Hoping to travel the countryside together, they set out to purchase an RV to fulfill their dreams. Standing at the dealership in front of just the fourth vehicle, her husband experienced a major heart attack. Even after being rushed to the hospital in record time, there was nothing that could be done to save him. Within a few short hours he was gone, and Ginny was in total shock.

What Ginny did next, however, changed her life forever; even more so than losing her beloved husband. She jumped in her car, hit the road and went on the adventure of a lifetime originally planned together.

While living their shared dream alone, Ginny started a blog entitled Marshmallow Ranch. She hoped her words of strength and encouragement would help others experiencing situations similar to her own.

We all have choices in life. Do we take the high road of life or the long road of grief? Do we choose to regret what we have lost or be grateful for what we have had? Ginny McKinney’s bravery and courage should remind us all that life is still about living even as we grieve a great loss.