“The movie, Youth In Oregon, is based loosely on my family”

Andrew Eisen, Screenwriter

Episode 28: Andrew Eisen, Screenwriter of “Youth In Oregon”

It is amazing these days how death is being explored and talked about within so many different types of venues. Andrew Eisen is a writer who authored the screenplay, Youth In Oregon, about death and dying.

Growing up as an only child of older parents, Andrew’s father was a neurosurgeon who was ironically diagnosed with brain cancer. Youth In Oregon is a parody based on Andrew’s own experiences. The film instigates laughter in odd places and can make one cry while somehow at the end, the viewer can see their own family struggling with the reality of losing a loved one.

After working with dying individuals and seeing family dynamics play a vital role in the last months, days and weeks of someone’s life, Youth In Oregon is a realistic interruption about a subject no one wants to talk about until it slaps you in the face and forces you to come to terms with the reality of loss.