LIVE WELL Warriors 

What I’ve learned on this incredible journey, Live Well Die Well Tour,  is that the more I educate people about death and dying, the more I find myself fully living.  When you really contemplate LIFE and DEATH you realize that death is just a moment… one single moment. It’s living well that best prepares us to die well. In order to dive deeply into the live well aspect of this tour, I’ve partnered with Everyday Mindful to explore how mindfulness can cultivate awareness, reduce stress, and help us to live well.  

On March 1st, I’ll be participating in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) e-course taught by Jen Johnson, the founding director of Everyday Mindful. MBSR is designed to help people recover a sense of peace, happiness, and wellbeing following a period of stress or difficult times.The course teaches us how to relax our bodies, calm our minds, cope effectively during difficult times, and build resilience for future challenges. The course instructor, Jen Johnson, is a mindfulness teacher, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Licensed Professional Counselor.

You can check out the e-course page at Everyday Mindful MBSR e-course.  (The hyperlink is your affiliate link so that you’ll get credit for the sale. You’ll need to use this link anywhere you publish about this course.

I’m looking for some folks to take the course with me.  Together we can learn how to be more fully present in our lives and live well.  I will be blogging about my experience throughout the entire eight weeks. If you sign up with me, I will be your biggest cheerleader and hope you will be mine, too.

I’m creating a private Facebook group where we can share our journey and discuss our experiences with the course. Jen Johnson has agreed to join the Facebook group one day each week to chat with us and answer our questions about the course and mindfulness practice.

I’d love for you to join me on this 8-week journey of awareness.

Here is the link to sign up for our MBSR online e-course:  Everyday Mindful MBSR e-course

When you sign up, email me at  and I’ll add you to our private Facebook group so we can start chatting prior to the course.


Kimberly & Haven