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April 18, 2018

Advance Care Planning / Bridging The Gap Book Signing

Location: Richmond, VA
Date: April 18, 20178

Location: 13617 Midlothian Tpke, Midlothian, VA 23113

Presentation:  Life Lessons from the Dying

Live vicariously through Kimberly C. Paul as she shares personal stories and the life lessons she has learned while working with hospice patients over the last 18 years. Each chapter will inspire you to design your own life and death around what matters most.

The author, Kimberly C. Paul, will urge you to discard what you thought you knew about death and embrace a new way of thinking when facing the end of life. Her stories emphasize that death and dying are not taboo subjects and encourage you to engage in light-hearted conversations as you face your own death or the passing of a loved one.

This innovative and uplifting book is an invitation to move beyond the current standards of what death has come to mean in our culture. Bridging The Gap will empower you to design your death so it reflects your values, likes and dislikes and your personality. Death is not a final destination but a transcendental beginning.


Book is Available April 13, 2018

Bridging The Gap: Life Lessons from the Dying

 The stories in Bridging the Gap have nothing to do with death, but everything to do with all the days in between birth and death. These stories show ordinary individuals making extraordinary choices, inspiring others to take action in end of life planning. But mostly these stories are encouragement to participate in life and to design a life around what matters most and not just allow death to be a final destination. is book is about the days lived prior to taking our last breath that could radically change how we die, how our loved ones grieve us, and even how the medical culture serves us. Each story is based upon true events that have occurred in my life and during my time working in hospice care. It is about life and living … until the moment it ends.


If you would like a hard back author’s edition of Bridging The Gap, contact Kimberly at Kimberly@deathbydesign.com.  You receive 1 of 1000 author’s editions with a personalized note.

If you would like to host a book signing and reading contact Kimberly@deathbydesign.com.

Past Events

January 2018

The Carolina Center & Death by Design 2 Day Workshop

How to Apply Creatively to Design an End-Of-Life Message

This workshop will be spread over the course of two days, in which the members will participate in small group break-out activities to apply the course principles as they are learning. Lunch will be included in the registration fee for both days, and all participants will receive a bound booklet that includes the printed presentations, as well as additional cited resources and tips for creatively designing an end of life message.

Death by Design will provide both Kimberly C. Paul and Rebecca Peirce as instructors for this two day workshop. Both instructors have extensive career experience in the end of life care industry as you can see in the attached summary biographies. We can provide more detailed resumes for these two instructors if needed. Death by Design will facilitate securing a location for this workshop, as well as facilitate the lunches for both days.

Topics covered: Design Thinking – Creative Process, Environmental Scan, How to Create a Marketing Plan, Using Mix Media to Support your Message, Another way to Market.. Ted Talks and the Implementation of a new Marketing Message.

Location: Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro, 2500 Summit Ave, Greensboro, North Carolina
Date: January 24 & 25

Cost: $250.00

For more information contact  Kimberly@deathbydesign.com

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December 2017

End Well Symposium – Design for the End of Life Experience

Too often, people aren’t dying in ways that match the goals and values of how they live their lives.

End Well is a first of its kind gathering of design, tech, health care and activist communities with the goal of generating human-centered, interdisciplinary innovation for end of life care.
This single-day symposium’s fast-paced agenda of provocative minds and empathic priorities promises a unique immersion in the cultural, clinical and systems issues and opportunities relating to the end of life experience – and marks the beginning of a movement to actively change our relationship to living and dying.

Location: San Francisco, California
Date: December 7, 2017


November 2017

National Summit On Advanced Illness Care

C-TAC’s 2017 National Summit

C-TAC’s 2017 National Summit is the premier event for visionaries in advanced illness care who are actively reshaping the way care is provided. Join us in Washington, DC this November to hear from the greatest minds in the industry and key influencers from a range of specialties including policy, delivery system reform, community engagement, caregiver support, and more. This year’s event will be co-chaired by former U.S. Senate Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and Bill Frist.

Location: Capital Hilton, Washington DC
Date: November 27-29


October 2017

Why Is Planning For End-of-Life So Important?

It Is Better to Prepare 10 Years Too Early Than One Day Too Late.

Join Kimberly C. Paul at Mt. Hermon Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia to learn the importance of Advance Care Planning. Kimberly will shares stories over her 17 years in Hospice Care. Assist you and your family on how to plan, communicate and implement end of life desires before a healthcare crisis.

Location: Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, 18100 Genito Road, Moseley, Virginia
Date: October 15th, 2017
Time: 4:00PM


The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

Presentation:  Internal Communications: How do we create Brand Ambassadors?

When asking organizations about their customers, they often forget their number one priority; THEIR PEOPLE.  Why is this?  Are leaders and managers too busy worrying about growing the business, the bottom-line, meeting after meetings, and micromanaging the deliver of services that they forgotten to take care their PEOPLE? Especially within the healthcare industry, where PEOPLE are caring for wounded, sick or dying patients, giving of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually; organizations have forgotten to put PEOPLE first.  By making PEOPLE a priority, by demanding work life balance, by truly caring about the well being of individuals working for an organization, leaders can radically expand their business by just getting to know their PEOPLE.  Because when organizations take care of their PEOPLE and do it well, the PEOPLE will take of the business and do it beyond expectations.  It all begins on how we talk to our PEOPLE; it all begins with value based internal communications and building loyal brand ambassadors.

Location: Kannapolis, North Carolina
Date: February 16th, 2017



New Mexico Family Nurse Practitioner Conference

Keynote Presentation: Death by Design – How do Clinicians Empower Patients to Design and Communicate End-Of-Life Decisions?

In an ever-changing healthcare system focused on documentation, billable visits and time management, productivity; how can we connect with our patients and engage in hard conversations about planning for end of life? How do we empower our patients to design their end of life before a crisis?  These are not easy or quick conversations, it takes effort and time to perfect the art of talking about end of life choices.  Through simple recommendations, teaching ourselves to unlearn the med-speak language used daily within the hallways of hospitals, outpatient settings, nursing homes and assisted livings years, by implementing the advise we recommend and completing our own Advance Care Planning, we can change how our patients face end of life.  As healthcare providers, we might remind ourselves of our desire to help others, save lives, but also limit suffering for the terminal ill.  We have to ask ourselves the questions, when are we doing more harm then good?  Identifying key “yellow” flags when our patients are healthy will open the door providing us rare opportunities to “begin” these hard conversations earlier.  We need to learn about what matters most to patients in order to know the care desired if a healthcare crisis occurs.  If never too early to have these end of life conversations until it is too late.

Location: Sante Fe, New Mexico
Date: November 18th, 2016

The Carolina Center For Hospice & End-of-Life Care

(Marketing Symposium)

Presentation:  How to create a creative massage about death and dying?

Design Thinking has been implemented throughout fortunate 500 companies for the last decade.  How can we take the same “idea” and apply it to healthcare, especially when educating our communities about a subject that is often overlooked and not had until a crisis?  Through Design Thinking, we can empower the community to radically change the healthcare system we live in today by creating a creative message that involves emotion.  Learning to think out of the box and included not just the marketing team within the brain-trust process will bring different points a view to a well build message.   Just like the baby boomers in the 1960s, who created the birthing movement, the baby boomers have kicked the door open to the end of life conversations.  Yet, have they lost their zeal to change their end of life experience?  A well-developed creative message is a process.  A creative message has to be planned, tested internally and externally before introduced to the community.  With a creative, designed and emotional message your organization can inspire the lost zeal of the baby boomers into action once more.  Together we can change end of life services by empowering our community.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: October 21, 2016



40th Annual Conference – The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

Presentation: Social Media & End of Life Care

Welcome to the 21st century of communications.  Social Media has radically changed how we market and educate our communities about end of life services.  At our fingers tips, for the first time, we have direct access to our patients and families we are serving and will serve through social media and geo-fencing. This has changed how we market hospice services to our community. Yet, navigating the social media platforms, learning to communicate to the spectrum of audiences and coming to terms on how to handle posted complaints have left some hospice organizations in the dark ages.  We need to know how to control and evolve our brand within all the different social media platforms.  If done correctly, social media will be one of the elements that will empower the community to action and demand better end of life care.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: August 2016



The Compass Project – Wake Forest Baptist

Presentation: Advance Care Planning, How to talk with Chronic and Seriously Ill Patients

Throughout the years of medical training, nursing school and educating our future providers we’ve forgotten how to train and teach our providers to connect and talk to patients about end of life.  Many medical schools have not implemented in-depth end of life, hospice and palliative training within they medical school curriculum, and if medical school are providing this training the young professional are prevented in implementing these skills due to the environment in our healthcare system and pressures of older providers.  If we can empower our providers to begin the conversation by applying simple steps and identifying key indicators to address Advance Care Planning prior to a medical crisis, we could cut healthcare cost, lower ICU deaths and improve quality at the end of life for chronic and seriously ill patients.

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Date: June 2016



The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

(Marketing Meeting)

Presentation:  Positioning your Hospice for the Future of ACOs

Greensboro, NC
May 2016



MAHEC Ethics Conference

Presentation: Facing the Elephant in the Room

Asheville, NC
May 04, 2014



The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

(Marketing Conference)

Presentation:  Marketing Out-of-Box Hospice Ideas to Engage and Empower Your Community

Charlotte, NC
October 11-12, 2013



The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

(Leadership Conference)

Presentation: The Bucket List Approach in Marketing the Hospice Message

Ashville, NC
September 8th-11th 2013



Association for Home & Hospice Care of NC

(Leadership Conference, Unfurl the Sails)

Presentation: Begin The Conversation

Wrightsville Beach, NC
October 7th-8th, 2013



The Carolina Center for Hospice & End-of-Life Care

(Hospice Administrative Team Conference)

Presentation:  The Bucket List Approach in Marketing the Hospice Message

Charlotte Marriott Executive Park, Charlotte, NC
March 7-8, 2013



National Hospice Work Group

Presentation: Talking Hospice without Talking Hospice

Detroit, Michigan
May 26th – 27th, 2011



NHPCO’s 26th Management and Leadership Conference, Navigating the Sea of Change

Presentation:  Talking Hospice without Talking Hospice

National Harbor, Maryland
April 5th – 6th, 2011



Hospice Provider Network of North Carolina

Presentation: How to Begin the Conversation in your Community

Raleigh, North Carolina
August 26th, 2010



HealthCare Markers Group

Presentation: Creating a Call to Action within your HealthCare Marketing Message

Wilmington, North Carolina
March 18th, 2010



NHPCO’s 6th National Conference on Volunteerism and Family Caregiving

Presentation: The Power of the Third Party: Utilizing Volunteers to Tell Your Story

Walt Disney World Swan Resort, Lake Buena, Vista Florida
December 4 – 6, 2009



Hospice Provider Network of North Carolina

Presentation: Keeping up with the Times: How changing internal culture will grow your Hospice census.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
June 12, 2008